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02-23-2013, 02:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Watsatheo View Post

Has a compilation of Sens reactions and rest of the 'expert' reactions. Ward shows a couple example of players doing it in the game they were covering.
i really don't get this over-the-top attempt to justify or vindicate cooke?

none of ward's examples are remotely close to capturing the same action...

it wasn't just the "two players going into the boards" factor, or even the "finishing the check" factor...

I see a clear stepping motion that I've yet to hear/see/read any rational explanation for. it's subtle, and i doubt Cooke intended it to actually cut/debilitate Karlsson with, but it was an extra motion that was not necessary and that can only be reasonably explained as an attempt to initiate contact with his foot... which has a sharp blade at the end of it... which caused a major injury.

forget melnyk or murray's reaction, that Karlsson came out with the comments he did can be construed as a frustrated player over reacting, but imo, with an injury like that, it's quite telling.

the players all know of the inherent risk, how often do you hear negative comments from guys who take borderline or even illegal hits that lead to injury... "no-comment" or generic comments are typically the reaction b/c players generally give each other the benefit of the doubt (b/c they all know how fine the line is btw acceptable aggression and "too much").

Karlsson's comments point to a feeling that the intent to injure was there, and you gotta know he's seen the replays 100x, not too mention felt the actual stepping motion.

there is a huge difference btw deliberately stepping and falling fwd/putting a foot down to get balance. the replays show that Cooke wasn't putting his foot down to get his balance & his pulling back motion after the contact doesn't have anywhere near the twitch response that an "accidental step" would have engendered.

he got away with "murder", and for whatever reason the pundits are for the most part trying to sweep it under the carpet for him (not that i'm a conspiracy kind of guy, but who knows, maybe the league put some pressure to kill this quickly vs have it be yet another act of violence controversy???)

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