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Originally Posted by sh724 View Post
I did a quick google search of 'how much does ESPN cost This Article is a little over a year old so its probably a little bit different now but ESPN cost $4.69 a month the second most expensive national channel is TNT at $1.16.
SNL Kagan showed a $5.06/mo avg in early 2012.

TWC will be paying $5.40/mo this year - increasing to $7+/mo 4 years.

ESPN Set To Pass $7 Sub Fee In 2017
by David Goetzl, Feb 19, 2013, 5:37 PM

For help with its massive NFL rights bill and likely re-upping with the NBA, ESPN can continue to count on hefty per-subscriber fees that look to cross the monthly $7 mark in 2017. Based on distribution in 100 million homes, that $7 amount would give it an annual take of about $8.4 billion in affiliate fees alone within five years.

ESPN’s current deal with Time Warner Cable calls for it to receive more than $5.40 a sub a month starting in the middle of this year; then passing the $7 mark in 2017; and closing in on the $7.50 mark the following year. The deal calls for an annual increase in the 6.5% range.

By the end of this decade, ESPN is set to collect just about $8 a sub a month.

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