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02-23-2013, 03:09 AM
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Missed it last night when it took 6+ goals to win. 4 goals on 20 shots.
Did you see the four goals he allowed?

1st one was weak...probably should have had it.

One of the remaining was a total lack of communication on the D. Puck behind the net, he was looking one way, forward creeped in opposite side and took the pass, put it home. No chance for DeKort.

One was a puck that went over his head, he lost sight, and it bounced in. No communication from the D.

DeKort has done nothing this year to deserve criticism. He's sat on the bench for most of the year, put up some pretty good numbers for a rookie, and now he's getting a chance, with a depleted defence, to play. I'm pretty confident with him in net right now. If you're not, well, that's your issue, not his.

He's had a couple of good games. I'm all for him starting the remaining games since they aren't making the playoffs. But I'll still call it like I see it.
If you're calling it like you see it, pay more attention. He was hung out to dry on Thurs night.

BTW..."couple of good games"?

2 goals on 37 shots in Mississauga
3 goals on 37 shots v. Niagara
4 goals on 39 shots in Brampton
2 goals on 22 shots (40 min work) in OS
5 goals on 48 shots in Kitchener
1 goal on 24 shots in OS
4 goals on 37 shots against Kingston
2 goals on 40 shots in Sarnia
1 goal on 11 shots (relief) in London
2 goals on 22 shots v. Ptbo
1 goal on 47 shots in Guelph
3 goals on 34 shots v. Saginaw

But, please, don't let facts get in the way...

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