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02-23-2013, 04:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Ogi1Kenobi View Post
No, your post didn't offend me. I'm just stating my opinion on Ryder's potential return.

My previous posts on this thread agree with you completely. And if Shero does acquire Ryder for virtually nothing, I'll eat my words.
A lot of people here value their players, rightfully so, we're fans of the team and some of us have the homer side of us that think a guy will rebound or get better, etc or that he's worth more than he is, which is what this entire trade forum is, a bunch of people that over value or at times, under value, players on the team they cheer for.

Going by Shero's track record, even that Hossa trade was a major push from Mario and not a Shero trade, so if you take that out, you see a shrewd business man that seems to win his trades and the risks he takes, are of minimal damage to the Penguins future (ie: what he gave up for Hossa wasn't even that bad, we still won that trade by keeping Dupuis, but look at what he gave up for Guerin and even Kovalev, not much, or even Ponikarovsky).

I don't see Shero bucking this trend. There are other potential UFA's out there, also, you never know how many people actually come calling, if you sit and expect 10 people and only 2 call...your asking price takes a huge back hander of reality.

If the Pens aren't involved and I believe they aren't, I hope Joe gets a huge return for Ryder if he moves him. I'd want the same if my team was out and a potential UFA was sitting and likely going to move on, might as well get something for him.

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