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02-23-2013, 06:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Dogpound View Post
First off i will say i am not a parent or an agent or the kid but am definitely involved and have seen all these kids play many many times. Hockey Jockey and NBhockey, you guys have to understand that Scoutmans list is no secret. If you watch any hockey and have seen all these kids it isn't a secret they most or all are going to be drafted. 1 scouts list is just a small part to the draft. Each team has a number of scouts and coaches and gm's who all have input and have different opinions as well. No one knows what team Scoutman scouts for so does it really matter?? You can go look at the central scouting draft list and it says mostly the same stuff so his list being posted in irrelevant. If you guys don't agree on Myers, next time you are at a game, go ask one of the 5-10 scouts sitting in the stands at every flyers game their opinion on myers. They will ALL tell you that he will be a top 3 round pick.
also on here I never give my teams opinions or how I scout for my team as we have things out team looks for and I have to drop guys I like lower than I want because of how we on here i give my opinion and it does not reflect how I rank for my team because we have critaria to go i usually try to off set my lists as well because we have guys ranked a little higher who some teams do not so on here I give a generall list of players most teams would have in those on here my list reflect nothing on how we as a team have things ranked.

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