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02-23-2013, 09:53 AM
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Remember following him in last seasons camp and preseason. I think he got in two preseason games or so and he did some good things but for the most part looked out of place. He won't have a problem keeping the pace, it's going to be the size factor that's really going to be interesting to see. He'll try and be physical but he's got to be smart about it. Will be interesting to see how he does positionally in this system because its much more detailed.

If he gets in to open space he's got a great shot and one timer but in the corners battling will be an issue at this level unless he keeps his feet moving like Hags. He's got skill but I really didn't expect him to be up. This only would have happened due to injuries IMO and unfortunately it looks like we've gotten to that point (Nash, ugh).

He needs to take advantage of this opportunity for his career. Who knows maybe the Rangers can catch lightning in a bottle for a few games, especially if they use his bomb on the PP. But knowing Torts and this teams history, he'll be put out on the second unit, get 45 seconds of trying to gain the zone and won't get a chance to take a single one-timer because this team seemingly refuses to utilize the one-timer in any situation. and its largely due to the fact that they don't set each other up for them (correctly) often enough.

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