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02-23-2013, 09:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
Sounds totally incomprehensible? But it was really mysterious that they pulled Nicklas Jensen from the 1st line to play 4'th line. His production has really stagnated after the fantastic beginning of the SEL season.
Maybe this is the reason or maybe it's conspiracy theory
Is it because Jensen was upset at the level of play in the club and was put down to 4'th line "to learn his place" as rookie", or just because AIK couldn't trade him?? Let's of questions here?
But for AIK that struggles to avoid relegation playoffs it's really madness to put a player on the 4'th line for that reason???

EDIT: Actually it's even worse since he was apparently put as 13'th forward for the last 7-8 games..
Yup, most games he only totalled 3-5 mins.. some 0! Hard to put up numbers that way....

But yeah, lot's of questions! I think it's a mix.. But there are allot of good theories on the Nuck board

Haha yeah, maybe the Canuck Conspiracu stretched it's horrible fingers to Europe!

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