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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Bump. Calling bs on behind the net numbers.

Amazing that so many people count this as a holy grail of information yet its so haphazardly updated. Far from the first time I've noticed this.

Case in point. The LA game was NEVER tabulated into the stats. They totally forgot about it. Nobody entered it. period. Topline was -3 on the night and had 3 ES goals scored against. The players remained with the same GA totals. Yet strangely last nights game was updated.

Next time people treat these numbers as gospel pay attention to whether it actually is. Any other site lists RNH with 11 GA. on behind the net its 7. It was 7 before the LA game.

I could see if somebody didn't have time to update regularly, thats fine, but to totally miss games is inexcusable.
I'm sure he uses a crawler to mine data off the NHL site, and doesn't put these numbers in manually, but you are right - that site is pretty much an amateurish mess.

I've noticed errors before, and this one comes to mind: Look at Rob Schremp's +/- on the website for the 2008/09 season => +2.

On, it is 0.

I went through the official Game Reports at the time (for the 4 games in question), and behindthenet was wrong.

I mention this because I noticed this discrepancy back when BBO was getting in Schremp debates, and his detractors kept quoting the inaccurate stats from behindthenet. The comments section on Lowetide's blog is a major offender in citing this garbage as well.

Glad you brought this up, because the "stats experts" both here and on the Oilogosphere have never noticed this stuff, even though they are constantly quoting it - which raises concerns about their own competence. This topic is worthy of its own thread, actually.

As the old adage goes: "Garbage in, garbage out" - and this pretty much summarizes behindthenet.

ps. For ease of reference, here are the links to the 4 official Game Reports showing Schremp with a net +2 at even-strength for the 2008-09 season: - #88 not on ice for any GF or GA => +0 - #88 on ice for 1 5x4 GF => +0 - #88 on ice for 2 5x5 GF, 1 GA => +1 - #88 on ice for 2 5x5 GF, 1 GA => +1

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