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02-23-2013, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
I saw a few people comment that he may not of hit his head on the boards, but that really doesn't matter, right?
I'm not a doctor but IMO, no it doesn't. It's about the movement of the head. Concussions occur when the brain impacts the inside of the skull one or more times.

In this case, it probably came from the point at which his head stopped "whip-lashing" and then rebounded / started moving away from the boards. IOW, his brain and skull traveled rapidly towards the boards when the whiplash-like motion was initiated, and then when his skull stopped for a split second and started moving forward again, his brain continued moving towards the boards and impacted the back of his skull.

In Tarasenko's case there could've been two collisions. One when he turned into the Avs player and his foreward momentum was suddenly halted and his head sent backward (brain hitting the front of the skull) and slamming into the ice (brain hits the back of the skull).

What sucks for hits like Tarasenko's is, the league could probably reduce the number greatly by outlawing these "plastic armor" shoulder pads that allow players to steam-roll other players and basically feel no shoulder impact from it. In the old days, you run someone like that and you risk ****ing up your shoulder, not just the other player... so you throttle things back a little and reduce the speed to protect yourself while still making a hit.

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