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Originally Posted by PSUCapsFan View Post
I was under the impression that if your research is being funded by federal grants you must report all results to the funding agency. It's the job of the agencies (DEA, NSF,NIH) to put the results out.
There was an article about this on CBC last week. Or maybe the Globe & Mail. I can't remember which. I'm not sure what the difference is between countries, but an American climate scientist was complaining that the Canadian government was muzzling him - an issue that has been brought up by several international organizations in the last year or two. He compared excerpts from the grant contracts offered by the previous Liberal government and the current Conservative government. The old contracts stated that any findings were the property of all parties, and could be disseminated at will. The new contracts state that property remains the same, but both parties have to get the permission of the other party in order to disseminate. As the Harper government has no intention of releasing said information in most cases, it becomes a a de facto muzzling.

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