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02-23-2013, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by v-man View Post
Nothing irritates me more than seeing Latvians kids with names like Rodrigo, Ivo or Elviss. I guess their parents though it sounded cool/exotic/foreign, but to most of us it just looks and sounds laughably idiotic and ridiculous.

As for the CHL draft, it's always a crap shoot. In recent years they've many selected players out of nowhere, and many haven't made the cut. I'm scared that even if Bukarts gets selected, he'll repeat his brother's mistake and stay in Europe. I'm not familiar enough with the other guys to have an opinion on their chances.
Why is Ivo a bad choice? I personally have nothing against this name. It's better than some other names new kids get these days, like Razgals' son from the same 1996 team Frenks Razgals (Frenks being a Latvian version of Frank and very weird name for a Latvian). Elviss is a stupid choice and I don't get it since we Latvians have a perfectly sounding name in Latvian Elvis, which both is the same as the foreign name and sounds well in Latvian.

As regards CHL the last two years have been good, Kolesnikovs maybe didn't stay there long but contributed a lot last year and this year's batch of 4 all have at least managed to stay in their teams and Lipsbergs even become a leader. But I'm one of those who isn't actually of high opinion about CHL... IMHO Daugavins and Karsums were better before moving to CHL and their first seasons there were great but nothing followed... Who knows if they would be better if stayed here and, in Daugavins case, attitude and injuries (also for Karsums) played their role but I don't know... Did Bukarts make a mistake? Maybe yes, maybe no... he wasn't really such a great talent as people want to say he was and he still has ton of skills, only his work ethic has not been that great (and can you teach that?). Though in the last 4 Dinamo games this season now he's 3+1... Dinamo continues to fight in the Cup of Hope and if we advance futher, by the end of this thing he might've earned a solid place in the team for the next year, he's certainly doing the right things now after spending some time in the farm club.

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