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02-23-2013, 11:09 AM
Bruin exiting lair
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Originally Posted by Wizeman View Post
Alfie wont agree to a trade . Even if he did, the odds that that team would want or need him in some practical way is just wishful thinking by Sens fans dreaming of ca$hing in something for the old guy.

I think Nashville could use a skilled guy, in spite of the fact he is 40. After the Gaustad debacle, there is no way in hell they give up their first rounder this year. So I dont know what they would even offer.

St Louis probably could use him but they aint winning the cup. Why would Alfie agree to go play for a team that has no real hope of making it to the conference finals realistically. What a waste of time.

He would have to be pretty sure that team has a fair chance of winning the cup. Rangers, Bruins, Canucks, Black Hawks Ducks . Kings are so over stacked they cant use him. They dont even have their first rounder anyways.

Rangers dont need an 40 year old winger. Canucks might be able to use him but not enough to give up our first. Would have to be a player swap. David Booth is the guy.

Bruins are over stacked offensively Alfie cant help them. They play a grinding cycle game anyways which Alfie has never played or enjoyed.

The Ducks are a team that might be able to use him and might part with their first rounder.

There is no other team that has a legitimate chance to win the cup that needs to shell out assets to get Alfie.
The Bruins aren't offensively stacked yet. The 3rd is in a rut right now. Alfie would fit that perfectly.

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