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Originally Posted by cishockeyfan View Post
This series feels all too familiar to the VReds, just like the University Cup loss to Western Last Year, the 5 game AUS Championchip vs StFX 2 years ago and the 3 game sweep after X ended their 27-0 run to start the season back in 2010. Teams seem to unite as a team and play a all for one game vs UNB when it counts, UNB hopefully will make adjustments, something they did not do vs Western or X in the past.

Game 3 is huge, I think after the 7-2 win UNB kinda set cruise control expecting the same for game 2. If UNB wins game 3 on the Island I expect them to be fine, if they lose Game 3 in much of the same fashion as Game 2, I think its safe to say partys over. It wont be easier over there, the crowd on their side, their is a tradition of another Doyle with the whistle to deal with as well. UNB will play more uptight than UPEI will, as the Panthers have nothing to lose.

Players who must step up, Tyler Caroll did not play well in game 2, Thomas Nesbitt is being giving a chance on the number 1 line. Someone to step on the #2 line with MacNeil and Pridham (UNB's most consistant forward this year) it cannot be Salituro or Campbell. I would like to say from his past statistics and Experience Bryce Swan would be that guy, but he is not playing well at all, and not only has a tough enough time keeping up with the Panthers skaters, he can't keep up with his own Teamates. Maybe Cam Braes comes off the 3rd line and goes on the Wing he's playing well, and Houde-Caron can Center the #3 line. And please less Ice Time to Taylor MacDougall! i know someone said UNB has been better since he returned, im pretty sure that has nothing to do with Taylor, he's a good kid, great on face-offs but thats it, he doesn't hit, he doesn't create offence, even his forecheck is standing spread legged with his arms out like a statue, its great he has long reach but at least try and actually get the puck.
I agree, I hope Taylor doesn't get more ice because he's playing in front of family on the Island. That experiment backfired against Western. The more penalties they take, the more ice he will get. The Panthers scored twice on the PK. UNB used to do the same thing with a speedy PK , that had Hunter Tremblay and Dickson. Yes, those players are gone, but they had that ability to punish the opposition while killing penalties, on the transition. They don't have that with a certain player on the ice. They do with Culligan, Priham,Carroll on the ice.

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