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02-23-2013, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by ps241 View Post
For sure truck we don't want him going over a tipping point but based on what i saw in the WJC he is really solid fundamentally defensively. Last night I was struck by how dominant he was on the PP where he scored. leading up to that goal he made about 3 very good plays and it seems like he is the focal point of the Michigan PP.

I doubt he will be in Michigan past next season though and that should stop any bad habits from becoming too engrained.....he is just too good a player IMHO to spend more than 1 more year in Collage.
Young defenseman will always make a bonehead play once in awhile, hell even seasoned vets do it occasionally. Mistakes on D get so much more magnified then for forwards. Trouba may very well be ready to move up next year. He has that kind of talent IMO.

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