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Originally Posted by aresknights View Post
What has London done not earn it HL? Other than being good enough to host 9 years ago.
Solid returning group with experience ( prolly 2
Straight reg season league titles) Multiple first , second and later NHL picks come next year.
Matta, Zadarov, Domi, Horvat, Tierney, stolarz and throw in Elie, Anderson, liberati, platzer, Ryan R and maybe a Griff/ Broadhurst/ Sefton. And maybe 6 20 G guys returning.
Depth with picks, good draft history and ability and experience to make big deals to go for it.
Add in a sold out 9000 plus seat arena where people will pay for packages.( pay more than other centers)
Add in they had one of the most successful
Tourneys in history ( $, atmosphere, accommodations et al included)
What else do you figure they need HL, other than time?
I see two of those things you mentioned mean nothing.

Selling out the Memorial Cup? The event sells itself any team that hosts the Memorial Cup those seats will be sold.

One of the most successful tourney's in history? That had nothing to do with Sidney Crosby being there and nothing to do with being the only hockey going on because the NHL was in a lockout. Are you counting on there being no NHL hockey next year as well?

Making big deals to go for it? You mean like this year when the Knights did nothing and teams like Plymouth, Belleville, Kitchener and Owen Sound all looking better than London since the trade deadline?

If the Knights don't win the OHL and Memorial Cup to follow they will only be categorized as the biggest chokers in OHL history. Don't talk to me about how the Hunter's always make big trades when they are contenders because this year they didn't. In 05/06 they didn't and proceeded to get swept by Peterborough. Or in 06/07 when they got spanked by Plymouth. The arrogance of the Hunter's this year has gotten in the way of winning another OHL title and trying to win a Memorial Cup.

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