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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
I went back and saw HFD vs the Monarchs. Was some time ago since I saw a HFD game, so here is a little update on some of my thoughts.

Christian Thomas is by far the best NHL caliber player down there. There are some decent players like Newbury, Segal and Vernance, but their game would just become very very bleak at the NHL level. Thomas has developed really well during the season down there and could possibly suprise alot of people if he gets a good chance now in the NHL.

He has always been quite good 2-ways, but is a bit too small to live on that ability. But he thinks the offensive game at a high level and can executes plays really fast.

I like him more than Ferriero and hopefully he will stick right away. His big downside is that he is more of a RW and we got a logjam there and that he won't help our PP as much as he would do if he was a left shot.

Dylan McIlrath did a OK job. He plays a minor role on a 3rd pairing in HFD and of course you would like to see more, but what you take away from his game is definitely that he moves pretty well and try's to make a first pass and so forth. He is a bit puppy like on defense.

It will take some time before he will start to challenge for a spot in NY. He especially needs to get ready for a bigger role in the AHL and then gain some expereince in that role.

I am not overly pessimistic about him, but there is alot to his game that really needs to improve I am afraid.

Nick "Chazz" Palmieri isn't a new experience, but I am a bit negativly suprised by him. Not much hockey in him.

Brandon Mashinter is kind of in the same mold as Palmieri. The innter compass isn't quite there. Not a very good hockey player, but he isn't overly effective either.

If anything, I actually like Michael Haley more than both Mashinter and Palmieri.

There's been alot of talk about goalies and D's in HFD, and I've certainly seen better. But its not a very good coached team and I would worry alot more about that and the stupid forwards than the avg D's... There is a abnorm amount of players down there who just don't think the game very well at all. Maybe the guy (who ever that is) who picks them don't either, what do I know. Jean is another guy in that mold. We can't find more relevant players than that??? Yogan is atleast a hockey player.
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