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02-23-2013, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by THEALLKNOWING View Post
PMB is like Cullen. They have absolutely no future with the Wild beyond this season. Find a team that is a Cup contender AND who their agent/they feel like the can re-sign with next year, and I bet the NTC would be waived.

BUT, the other team has to be in a win-now mode, and an under-achieving, dollar matching asset has to come back to the Wild. Kind of the change of scenery my do both sides/players some good, thinking.

Besides a "prospect," Cal C should be added to the mix if you are looking for an upgrade. If any of these prospects pan-out, he could end-up being a 4th liner long-term for the Wild. Solid 3rd liner right now, but some around the league may view him as a marginal 2nd liner, or may fill a need as it relates to energy/whatever.

I would toss Zack Phillips into the mix as well. Only a pro for half a season, so other GMs around the league may view him as being in the wrong organization. The NHL seems to have a history of holding-out for a long, long time, waiting for the #1s to perform.
You and I have very different perspectives much of the time, but I completely agree with everything you say here.

The only thing I will ad is I hope we trade primarily for strong prospects with good upside, draft picks, or maybe 1 proven top 6 RH (just for Yeo) winger. We really don't need more established NHL players. We have too much quantity, need better quality in a couple areas.

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