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02-23-2013, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by NJ_CATS_FAN View Post
The one sided officiating against us never fails and some games are worse than others, and we all know which games they are going to be too. Its almost like the games are unwatchable because you know exactly how its going to be.

The fact that Neal didnt get a penalty on the instigating was complete ********!! Anyone else does it, its a penalty, but no, cant call anything against the *****-ass Penguins.

Its not once in a while, its pretty much every game. They call every ticky tack thing against us, but always somehow "let it go" or "miss it" when it happens against us. I always say if they are going to do that, then make it worth our while and take a real penalty. Take a big boarding penalty or give a high stick and get in someones face and knock them around and really give the officials something to call.

Nothing would please me more than to see Cindy or some other schmuck the league is in love with get boarded or laid out and then watch the league go ape **** and run around like chickens with their heads cut of because their pretty boy got touched and dont know what to do.

I am sick and tired of having our guys get cheap shots taken at them, get high sticks in the face and basically let the opponent do whatever they want against us and having it go, but when we lay a finger on someone, its an automatic penalty. I loved watching Guds give Malkin that little bump last night to send him flying into the boards. It was clean as could be, and I was absolutely shocked that they actually didnt call Guds for roughing.

We also need to become much more physical. Countless times our guys have a chance to throw the body around and nail someone in the boards when going after a puck, but instead its like there is an invisible shield protecting the other player. They just like stop right before the bodies hit and they go for the puck instead. If they will make a pass, fine, but throw the damn body around and push them around. Its almost like they have become complacent that they know a penalty will be called if they throw a hit, so they just avoid it all together. Im sick of it. Get some attitude and get physical. We have to start making teams sore after playing us and make them think twice before making a move on the ice. We hardly have any physicality on the ice and teams know it. Enough is enough of this ***** ass hockey. GET PHYSICAL AND STOP THIS DUMP AND CHASE ********!!!!

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