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02-23-2013, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Terrapin View Post
I get a kick out of you guys that still hope and pray that the Pens make a complete transformation into the Swedish Olympic team. Just a bunch of small, weak, fast guys running around finessing their way to 1st round beatdowns in the playoffs. The good news is, you're getting your wish. The bad news is, you aren't bright enough to understand why our stars continue to get knocked out, and why we haven't made it past the 1st rd in years.
there is a difference between toughness and fighting people. I want the team to get tougher. I don't even mind them fighting more. But to think it would prevent injuries like we saw last night is just plain wrong. That was as basic of a hockey play as you will ever see. Nobody is going to stop making basic hockey plays against our stars no matter who else is on the ice with them.

Had Geno been taken out by a dirty hit or someone taking a run, you might have a point. But he wasn't. Your argument has no relevance to the situation at hand. Neal and Bennett could have been wielding pistols last night and that play still would have happened.

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