Thread: Injury Report: Cal Clutterbuck UPD: Placed on IR
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02-23-2013, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Roof Daddy View Post
Oiler fan coming in peace. As soon as I saw it I figured 2 games seemed right, given Hall has no history of suspensions or dirty plays. If it is Matt Cooke making that same hit I think 6 games might have been the ruling. Anyway, a couple points I'd like to make.

1) I thought that in some ways this reminded me of the Steve Moore hit on Naslund, in that the player lining up the hit saw the play developing and by the time the puck is arriving, is already committed to the hit. With Naslund it was a pass out of his reach that increased his vulnerability, with Clutterbuck it was a bouncing puck that bounces over his skate, causing him to follow the path of the puck (and also not expect to be hit, given he never had the puck). Taylor Hall made a poor decision at full speed. I'm not defending the hit itself, but I don't think Hall had any malicious intent given how fast the play developed. Hopefully we don't see the same response we saw in the Naslund incident, as I'm sure we can all agree no good came of that.

2) I think the best answer to all of this - if CC is good to go in time for the next Oil/Wild game - is him and Hall squaring off to start the game. Helmets off, then throw down. Whatever the result, you guys are taking our best player off the ice for 5 minutes to start the game, and amping up the Minny faithful. Maybe Eager and Konopka can also be on the ice for the opening face off, kind of like the Rangers/Devils game last year.
I wish all Oil fans were like you. Smart, reasonable, good analogies. We can have our rivalry, but it's in good spirit.... Ah well...

At the next game I don't want to see anything dirty either. That's just not what this is about, what are we the Pens

I hope we check the crap out of Hall, and it's all completely clean.

Good luck to your ridiculously overskilled, yet sadly (good for us) underachieving, team. I'm sorry that we will have to destroy you

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