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02-23-2013, 11:53 AM
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The only teams the Leafs should be looking to deal with this season are in the West, unless of course the Canes offer a package that simply cannot be refused (which is very unlikely). Komisarek to the Canes makes sense in the offseason. Komisarek and or Liles to Detroit at the deadline also makes sense.

One point that I didn't read in this entire thread is that while it would be nice for the Leafs to dump both contracts (for future cap space and the ability to pursue Getzlaf / Perry in the offseason), trading assets at the point of their lowest value is terrible asset management.

It would also be wise to hang onto both players in this shortened season when injuries will take much longer than usual to recover from (especially when they force themselves to play through bumps and bruises that would otherwise keep them out of the lineup, but play in fear of losing their spot in the lineup, prolonging the recovery and raising the probability of making the injury worse). Games will be played at a clip that most if not all of the Leafs players have never played at. Komisarek and Liles could be necessary evils to keep in the press box until the offseason (as in not dealt at or before the deadline for the sake of keeping liquid depth).

Furthermore, while Carolina and Toronto as trade partners make so much sense in terms of the needs and liquid assets of both organizations that its almost mind-numbing that a trade hasn't already taken place, they could very likely be the team to bump Toronto out of the playoffs if their needs are met. Komisarek brings exactly what Carolina is lacking and would only make that team more of a threat to the Leafs. This trade makes so much sense, but only in the offseason.

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