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02-23-2013, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by TwInS1095 View Post
As evidenced by Coyle getting NO points in the 3 or so games he played with the top one we have in the AHL or on the Big club can do a better job than Heatley. Heatley is nowhere near what he once was, but he still plays his role decently well.

What you don't understand is that having 3 guys down low battling for pucks is not cohesive to scoring goals. First, if you get beat then the other team is going 3-2 or 4-2 down the ice. 2) Someone needs to float high/stay in front of the net/draw defenders/take up space in front of the net to open up spacing and also if you have all 3 guys cycling no one will be in front of the net too shoot. Unless you want to play a strictly perimeter game.

Heatley is not the problem. He may not be as good of a player as you want him too be, but he is not the reason the team isn't scoring.
I agree you can't have everyone down below the goaline fighting for the puck, but you can't always have the same two guys doing it. A simple forecheck scheme when the puck is put into the right corner is to have the first guy(F1) go in hard play the body and dislodge the puck with the second(F2) close behind to come pick it up and then F2 looks for the F3 high or goes behind the net or up the boards looking for a cycle or a play back to the defense. That is not a problem.

The problem lies in rotating when a the first forward comes in hard but is unable to make a play and the defenseman makes a pass to his partner in the other corner. This is where the F2 must go in hard and play the body on this man. Now F3 comes down and plays as the second guy coming in to dig out the puck looking for F1 who has rotated out high too take F3's original postion. This is how forechecking works plain and simple.

So you see the problem is that Heater doesn't have the ability to rotate and get into position quickly enough. He cannot move from the front of the net to the corner fast enough so we end up having Koivu and Parise running around like mad men losing all their energy.

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