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Originally Posted by Dennis Bonvie View Post
You would have to disregard the numbers and awards and judge them by who was the better hockey player.

Its not hard to see Orr as being better as his game was great all over the ice, not just from the red line in.

Howe dominated offensively early in his career almost as much as Grtezky. He did it while also playing responsible defense and adding a physical aspect that was somewhat terrifying.

Mario is the most difficult, as you said. Like Gretzky, he played little defense. He played in the same era that Gretzky dominated. But Mario was still able to put up incredible production in the dead puck era while being old and sick and injuried. Gretzky's production slid as defense became more prevalent.
Honestly it's hard to see any player better at his game than Gretzky, and to disregard the numbers is a bit silly considering that the whole point of the game is to outscore your opponent. Gretzky wasn't physical but it didn't prevent him for being a master of takeaways, he wasn't the greatest defensive forward ever but still played almost every PK.

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