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02-23-2013, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
I don't hate the physical part of the game. I would love more physical players. I absolutely hate the leaguewide need for retaliation after clean hockey plays. I don't even hate fighting. I love a good scrap between guys when it actually means something. Two guys actually upset going at it is great. This is the minority of fights in the NHL though. I don't hate beating up a guy who did something cheap or even just someone taking constant runs. I don't think it prevents the cheap shots very much, but it does probably have some effect on the constant runs. But only if its someone the guy will actually have to worry about. Cal Clutterbuck won't stop hitting Sid or Geno because MacIntyre is on the bench because he can just skate away from him. You need actual hockey players who can hit them back or hit their own players back. You need guys like Glass or Asham who can actually play hockey. I guarantee Matt Cooke would be more likely to stop hitting someone if he knew it meant the other team was going to start hitting our guys than if he knew someone was going to punch him a few times.

As far as preventing injuries, I just don't think it helps. I really don't think many injuries come from plays that would be prevented by these types of guys. The guys making the hits either don't do them often enough that its something they even think about; or they just plain don't care. I don't even remember the name of the guy who hit Malkin. He doesn't have a reputation for doing this stuff. He wasn't out there trying to hurt anybody. There's no way he lets up on the hit because we have a tough guy on the ice because he wasn't even considering that situation. He was making a hockey play. And then look at Kronwall or Orpik. They are going to hit someone if the opportunity is there. It doesn't matter who else is on the ice, they are doing what they do. Then you have guys like Chris Neil or Matt Cooke who just plain don't care if they get punched a few times. They are also going to do what they do.
Myself and a few others have been complaining about the lack of physicality on this team all year. Last night's incident IMO wasn't nearly as bad as the lack of response in Philly the other night (specifically Malking getting crosschecked 20 straight times, and Rinaldo ****ing w/ Letang). But eventually, the more shots a player takes, the more likely an injury is. And last night was just a culmination of the overall decline in toughness on this team over the last year. Should the entire team have jumped that guy last night? No. Should someone have maybe thought about actually throwing a hit before or after that? Apparently not.

And as someone else said last night, it's pretty telling that Florida didn't dress Parros last night. Shows that we are not even remotely tough to play against.

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