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02-23-2013, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by glovesave_35 View Post
It's late here and I don't care to do the research. I have no idea who that player was or to which team he was traded or from (which is pertinent information).

I'm not living in a fantasy hockey world. I'm living in a world where GM's overpay for otherwise mediocre players on a regular basis. Maybe this isn't your GM but again, nowhere in my post was I holding your organization's feet to the fire. I don't care if Ryder is traded and I certainly don't care if he's a Penguin in a few months' time.

I never mentioned 1st round picks anywhere in my post.

I don't expect Ryder to net any of the Pens' top flight defense prospects. And I don't expect your GM to trade a 1st for him. What I was doing was outlining your team's outlook from an outsider's perspective, as a fan of a team who hasn't had a dog in the playoff race in quite some time.

The Pens develop D-men very well. They don't bring along forwards with the same results. If you wish to disagree show me the evidence.

The entire point of my post was to say that basically, our two teams are not good trading partners on this particular player given your GM's desire to pay low dollar for lower level scorers and our team's desire to make the playoffs. Ryder isn't going to be traded just for the sake of it, he'll be traded if there's an offer that makes our GM desire to move him.

I'm not living in a fantasy world. Whoever thinks a player half a season removed from a 35 goal season returning only a 2nd round pick is the one living in a fantasy world. Good luck with whatever washed up 35+ year old you guys pick up for pennies on the dollar.
Excuse me for butting in, but it appears to me, that Stars fans feel they could get more than a 2nd and a good prospect for Ryder, for which hope there are undoubtably instances in deadline history to support it.
Pens fans OTOH feel that if a 1st and/or Morrow is involved, they should be getting better than Ryder, in support of which there are equal instances in trade history. Neither is really wrong here and either (or both) could well happen.

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