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02-23-2013, 12:56 PM
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Well done! You really know your way around the rink.

Ones I got wrong

1) How many conditions must be met before a referee can call a penalty shot?

2) During a stoppage in play to attend to an injured player, the goaltender from Team A notices a strap on his pads has become damaged. He skates to his own bench to have it repaired. After the injured player is off the ice, the referee notices the goaltender at the bench having his equipment repaired, after which he returns to his net before resumption of play. The official must:

A: Warn the goalie to ask for permission before attending to his own bench.
B. Give the bench 30 seconds to repair the equipment or be assessed a minor penalty for delay of game.
C.Assess a minor penalty for delay of game against the goaltender.

3)Following a heated game, the teams return to their dressing rooms, where a coach from Team A and another coach from Team B get into a verbal confrontation. The referees, who have just arrived at the dressing rooms, witness the incident. As a result, the officials can:

A. Break up the altercation but assess no penalties, as the incident took place after the game and away from the ice.
B. If warranted, assess penalties and add them to the game sheet.

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