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07-15-2006, 09:49 AM
jukka ruskeeahde
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Hello Svetovy Poharu!

Here are the complete Olympic Swedish stats from 1972. Since I didn't know, how you are going to handle the qualification game, I present the scores per game:

-Yugoslavia 8-1:
1-0 Stig Östling
2-0 Håkan Wickberg (Inge Hammarström)
3-0 Björn Palmqvist (Stig-Göran Johansson)
4-0 Håkan Pettersson (Stig-Göran Johansson)
5-0 Håkan Wickberg (Tord Lundström)
6-0 Lars-Erik Sjöberg (Thommy Abrahamsson)
7-0 Mats Åhlberg (Lars-Erik Sjöberg)
8-0 Hans Lindberg

-USA 5-1:
1-0 Lars-Göran Nilsson
2-0 Thommy Abrahamsson (Björn Palmqvist)
3-1 Tord Lundström
4-1 Thommie Bergman (Bert-Ola Nordlander)
5-1 Inge Hammarström

-USSR 3-3:
1-2 Björn Palmqvist (Thommie Bergman)
2-3 Inge Hammarström
3-3 Håkan Wickberg (Tord Lundström)

-Poland 5-1:
1-0 Inge Hammarström
2-0 Lars-Göran Nilsson (Hans Lindberg/Mats Åhlberg)
3-1 Inge Hammarström (Håkan Wickberg)
4-1 Björn Palmqvist (Inge Hammarström)
5-1 Tord Lundström (Håkan Wickberg)

-Czechoslovakia 1-2:
1-0 Mats Lindh (Hans Lindberg)

-Finland 3-4:
1-1 Tord Lundström (Håkan Wickberg)
2-1 Björn Palmqvist
3-2 Björn Palmqvist

All right, hope this helps with the Swedish stats!

All the best

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