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Originally Posted by CarknerCountry View Post
You seem to think the Sens dont need fixing...Next year with no Gonchar and older Alfie and Philly this team might take a step back..

Who knows if Spezza's back will hold up or Cowens's hip..

We can't count on all our prospects too pan out..

You make great points love readying your reply's here on this board.

But not for this year but next, what steps would you take to improve this team? Because frankly i could see them taking a step backwards..

We have a great core Turris,Spezza,Karlsson,Cowen,Andy..

And great prospects Bishop,Lehner,Noesen,Zibby,Ceci,Silf,Puemple and others ....Its ok too trade a couple to improve the core..ROR is that guy..
Sorry if I left you with the impression that the team doesn't need upgrades, it definite does to be a contender.

I have indicated many times I think the Sens need to improve the top six wingers and right side of their D corps.

IMO the biggest gains are achieved by addressing the weakest links. In the Sens case, one or two top six wingers, ideally one would fit the description of a power forward, and one right D.

Should Alfie retire Silf could be moved back to the right side.

Like many I could give you my wish list, but of course reality is slightly different than dreaming.

Ideally I would like to see one or two of the spots filled with UFA(s), therefore allowing the Sens more time for the prospects to develop before making significant moves involving them.

Trading prospects for proven players generally results in overpayment, the further along the development curve the better in terms of value.

My first choice UFA would be Streit from NYI, then if at all possible a winger that would fit with Spezza.

As a stop gap a trade for a more establish winger, like Havlat, though he isn't the ideal in my mind. A move like this would bridge the gap until Zibanejad or possibly another prospect is ready for the top six. It is worth noting here that several teams will have to shed salary to get to the 2013-14 cap, possibly a player of value will become available.

I do agree all the prospects won't pan out or meet expectations, it is safe to expect one or two out of the long list consisting of Boro, Hoffman, Stone, Da Costa, Noesen, Puempel, Claesson, Prince, Pageau, Lehner etc etc will make it to the NHL.

This leaves Bishop, Greening, JOB, Daugavins, Regin and Latendresse to be moved.

Of this group Greening would be the most difficult to let go, but if he doesn't bring the physical aspects of his game consistently, he really doesn't provide great value.

My apologies, but I don't deal with what ifs, at best it only creates circular arguments. Any player in the NHL can suffer injury, there is little any GM can do other than build depth into the organization.

Losing a player like Karlsson, Spezza or Cowen under any circumstances is virtually impossible to replace, or would require such overpayment it would not warrant the move.

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