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Originally Posted by Yakushev72 View Post
I think the facts support my statements, but if you can rebut my assertions with facts, please try to do so. But please don't say "there was this one guy who got drafted by an NHL team," or, "there is another guy who might get drafted by the NHL." Talk about the number of guys skating a regular shift in the NHL or AHL who learned to play hockey south of the Mason-Dixon line. You probably can't, because there probably aren't.
Of course there aren't. Hockey has only existed south of the Mason-Dixon line for 20 years tops, except for LA. That is why we are only now beginning to see the first players get drafted. How on earth do you expect there to be hockey players before there is actual hockey?

Bottom line, it is no accident that most of the world's best hockey players come from places like Canada, Russia, Sweden, and the northern border states of the U.S. where outdoor ice is readily available to learn to play the game.
Of course not, because those places have a hundred years if not more worth of history with the game. Why you think somewhere that was only fairly recently introduced to the sport should be producing just as many NHLers as the traditional areas is beyond my comprehension.

I do agree that there is a shortage of available ice time in the south, but building more rinks is part of the development of the game in areas where the sport is new.

Outdoor ice is not as important as you think. As I said, I grew up playing in the north and only once did I ever play outdoors. My life revolved around hockey, all my friends played hockey, and none of us ever played outdoors. Even the players that went professional from my area didn't play outdoors, except maybe rarely. Outdoor hockey has absolutely nothing to do with the development of talent. If anything it hinders it, as natural ice is usually terrible and doesn't help your skating or puck-handling development much at all.

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