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Originally Posted by knorthern knight View Post
The problem is "horizontal integration". Disney owns Disney Channel, ESPN, and ABC. Let's say you're Time-Warner or Comcast or even a small regional cable system. Disney only offers a package deal. You have two choices...
  1. You take ABC and ESPN on your standard tier (including a subscription fee for every subscriber on basic cable, and Disney channel on a premium tier.
  2. Or you get zip (no ABC), zilch (no ESPN), nada (no Disney Channel).
Disney has the cablecos are over a barrel.
Comcast owns more channels than Disney or any other company. Comcast also has more tv subscribers than any other company and is also one of the largest internet providers in the country. Pretty much every industry Disney is in Comcast is in as well. Off of the top of my head the only things I can think of that Disney is better at is sports coverage with ESPN, Animation with Pixar, and Theme parks. However Comcast is making up ground in all of those areas with NBCSN, there own theme parks,personally I prefer the universal theme parks because they are more of a theme amusement park and Disney is more of a theme park (if that makes any sense), and with movies like Despicable me Comcast is catching up in animation.

Disney does not want to pick a fight with Comcast because they very well could lose. However Comcast is still subject to a bunch of Department of Justice regulations for another 5 years. Once that is up I would not be surprised to see Comcast explode and really start a war with other entertainment companies.

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