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02-23-2013, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by gto64dr View Post
You guys will probably blast me on this but here it is anyway. Bryz has not got the magic he had earlier. I get the feeling everytime there is a shot it may go in, sort of like last year. He's not stealing any games right now. We are outplaying teams now on a regular basis and he is giving up too many goals. Sure we were weak on back to backs, but the other night he was very weak when the rest of the team gave a great effort. Even this game I don't think he has been sharp.
I sorta understand but he saved us in that first period big time. Without him, it would probably be 5-2 right now. Both the goalie and skaters need to sync up, they're never working in unison successfully, it's always one or the other taking turns being crappy.

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