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Originally Posted by EverettMike View Post
So Don Cherry unfailry stereotypes guys from Europe and as a result anytime someone has any issues with a Russian guy they are lazily accused of just hating them because they are Russian.

Cool stuff.

There were questions about whether the cost in terms of assets combined with his salary was worth it for a guy with zero playoff wins.

But yeah, it was just because he was Russian.

The same reason we give Joe Thornton so much ****, right?
Nope, not at all. I just went back and read some on the Kovy rumor threads, and the stereotypes are there. It has nothing to do with Don Cherry saying that, as many people here say the same exact thing. It's not everyone, but it's a large amount of people.

If your concerns were over his cap hit (which they were because I just looked at a few of your posts about him), that's fine. I never said YOU had those views about him, but to deny that many did is foolish.

It's a similar mentality to those that don't want a finesse type player because it doesn't fit the "Big Bad Bruins" mold that you see spewed all of the time

You see it time after time, and I'm not just talking about Russian players in this situation. If someone isn't "tough" and hard-nosed, many turn their own nose towards them because they don't fit some outdated mold that people have in their head, the same mold that didn't win a cup for about 40 years.

Again, I'm not saying your views were that he was a soft Russian, but those were the views of many, not named Don Cherry.

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