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02-23-2013, 02:02 PM
Worst Thread Ever
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Originally Posted by Mowzie View Post
As everyone is leaving, the lights go out for a few seconds, everyone expects The Shield to show up, but instead it's Gangrel. Light come back on, and all the players are laying on the ice in pools of blood. Lights go out again, this time it is the Shield, they beat everyone up, then take off their shirts to reveal NWO shirts underneath, then they take those off and they're wearing Nation of Domination gear, they then peel of their faces to reveal they're actually African-Americans. out comes Pete Rose, he starts fighting with Nation of Domination, out comes Kane, Kane tombstones Pete Rose, takes off his mask and turns out to be African American, he takes off his shirt to show his NOD shirt, just as he starts quoting Malcomn X, All the Phoenix Coyotes regain consciousness, beat up all the wrestlers and remove their sweaters to show NWO shirts, then they remove the NWO shirts to show Quebec Nordiques jerseys.

The crowd is in awe, Shane Mcmahon is shown on the big screen and tells everyone he bought the team last minute. Shane Doan freaks out and takes off his Nordiques jersey and reveals that he is failed gimmick wrester "The Goon" from the 1990's.

While all this is going on, Mae Young comes down from the ceiling and gives birth to Hornswaggle at Center Ice, Steve Tambellini sees how tall Hornswaggle is and immediately signs him to a 6 year contract. Krueger puts him on the top line, and he is suspended the next game for biting a players bum.

Oilers lose 3-1 because Stone Cold said so.
Wow! You really had me going there. I believed everything until the words Tambellini and immediately appeared in the same sentence. So fake.

Nice try though.

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