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From the last thread.

Because it changes day to day. And there's no really consistent, objective measure. Would you not say Schneider had an excellent game last game? Should he not have then been in net this game? After his shut-out should we not have ridden him?

It just seems to me that people are consistently suggesting we 'ride the hot hand' in the face of a more compressed schedule, and where management seems to have a specific plan as to who starts when. Not having a go at you specifically, more the fact that this seems to be mentioned every time either goalie plays well.
I would not say Schneider had an excellent game last game that we should have continued to ride.

It's been pretty consistent since the start of the season and hasn't changed day to day, IMO-- I don't expect it to last well into the season, but it's very clearly a defined trend right now. I love going with Schneider moving forward, but Schneider has not looked close to as solid as Luongo at any point this season. That's fine, and yes, we can probably afford to give them equal icetime and let him work out his kinks, but at the same time, I think it's smarter to get as many wins in the bag as you can early in a condensed season. I don't think suggesting that we ride Luongo until there's SOME adversity (he hasn't even lost a game yet) is jumping the gun or not looking at the big picture in any stretch.

It's not like riding him until he loses once means it's going to last a long time and disrupt Schneider's ability to shake off rust-- All it means is likely a few more wins than otherwise over the next 5-10 games, if we're lucky that it lasts that long. What we're doing is fine if we know for a fact that we'll easily waltz into the playoffs as a top seed without much adversity, but who knows what happens down the stretch when the schedule gets tough-- we're kind of wasting Luongo's groove a bit, IMO.

We benefitted with riding the hot hand when Schneider as a backup looked unstoppable for a little while last year-- What is so crazy about riding Luongo for a bit?

Alex Auld was never better than Cloutier.

The year Cloutier had a knee injury and missed the season, Auld took the starting job and the Canucks missed the playoffs.

Cloutier had pretty good reg season numbers. He was just terrible in the playoffs.
I completely disagree. I never liked Cloutier's game, even when he was doing really well numbers-wise and even when he wasn't choking-- I think the team really helped him out in the regular season, personally. Auld looked like he would never have out of the ordinary moments, but he was at least adequate.

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