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02-23-2013, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by mapleleaf979 View Post
The meniscus in the Knee is like a shock absorber. Tearing an ACL or MCL would have been better long term than Meniscus issue. U can re construct your knee ligaments using the Patella tendon, or hamstring tendon and with a strong physio, u can get back to normal.

The meniscus is a shock absorber. It can not be re constructed and does not grow back. When u have surgury, parts of the cartlidge are either cut out and removed or stitched up to save it. The more meniscus or cartlidge that is removed, the closer to bone on bone contact in the knee. Matt Frattin is having meniscus issue's right now with the Leafs. Kobe Bryant is also close to bone on bone in his knees. The last resort is microfracture surguey to help with this issue.
Bingo..which is why I said his career will be uphill from the get go. I wish the kid nothing but luck...he's a blue chipper.

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