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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
Correct although...

...was not so serious WRT to the specific proposal I made.

I do think Shero will be trading for skill and at two positions now and using our high end prospects and picks and some decent roster players to make it happen. Can't see him trying another "scoring by committee" approach after it blew up in our faces in prior playoff years. This is going to be one of those deadlines + summer FA periods where things get shaken up a bit IMO. Now is the time to remake the team without blowing it up.

About as much chance of the Bruins trading us Horton as Washington trading us Backstrom. Will never happen. As long as Boston is a contender they won't trade with us for anything other than role player swaps and scraps.

I do. Jeffrey is not a top 6 caliber player (although I like his game) and neither is Sutter (ditto). You can plug them in and it may work pretty well in teh regular season, but once defenses start clamping down and the intensity is wrateched up a notch, guys like Jeffrey become invisible. Sutter might be able to hack it for a Cup run... but it's a pretty big might. Lot of pressure to put on the guy.

And to be clear what I mean is not "trade to replace Malkin long-term" but "trade to make us a legit two scoring line team again for the playoffs, and figure out the signing / cap situation this summer if the player(s) aren't under contract for at least one more year."

We have a better shot (not a good shot but a better shot) at Perry because of where he plays and the fact that Anaheim could use some of our D assets, and are familiar with Kunitz (who almost certainly would be involved). But it only happens if the Perry re-signing effort, which has just started, goes bad in a hurry. Odds are pretty good they'll give him what he wants and he'll go nowhere.

I really don't see how they can go about affording both of Perry and Getzlaf, if one signs, the other goes. Getzlaf is their captain, number 1 centre and the face of their franchise. Most likely he stays and Perry is outta there.

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