Thread: Recalled/Assigned: 2013 Dallas Stars Roster Movement
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02-23-2013, 02:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Cin View Post
I'm not saying they will or are even thinking about. I'm simply wondering what people think his value is.
I think you're right that they could be open to moving him, but like HF said, I don't think they'd get the value they'd require.

Basically, if they could flip him for a larger, mobile D, I think they would, but why in the hell would the other team do it?

So like you're saying ... what other asset could get you to place that a trade could work? I don't know, but Vincour wouldn't be the guy IMO. You wouldn't trade two guys with their potential return being pretty low right now. In fact, I would trade any of the forward prospects at this point. You have no idea what you have in the guys, and one ore more of them could be exactly what this team really needs.

I'd be disappointed, but I could see them moving Larsen for an older D with a high salary. I'm not talking mid-30's, but some guy in his mid to late 20's with a team that's needing to cut salary next year. Before Bouwmeester turned his entire game around ... that was the type of a guy I was thinking. It's a situation that I think most fans would be disappointed, but I could see GM Joe doing.

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