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02-23-2013, 02:58 PM
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watched North Dakota vs Denver, what a game it was. Thought Kristo was outstanding and I really liked what I saw from Didier who had a huge blocked shot and then was he was getting up and turning he knocked the puck down the ice on the PK late in the 2nd in a tight game at home against a bitter rival and the 2 pts on the line were huge as Denver is on the bubble to make the Frozen Fours so every point counts big.

MacMillan was once again moved, this time he was back at center on the 3rd line. He had a good game imo, especially on the PK and had a few nice passes that his linemates couldn't convert.

Kristo was a mission though, broke his stick in half after putting a puck off the post in what would have tied the game. He's still tied for 2nd in the NCAA in goals, last nights goal tied his career high at 19. He's also 5th in the league in scoring but 1 more point would put him tied for 3rd.

Also watched the Michigan game, Bennett was back on the top pairing with trouba, thought he had a good game and was all over the place. Michigan played likely the best game i've seen from them.

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btw, Habs should sign JC Lipon. Guy is an animal. Got hammered from behind into the boards, i thought he was seriously concussed. But no, gets up after a few moments and starts throwing punches with the first Giant player he sees. This guy's going to be an NHLer, there's no doubt in my mind. Reminds me of Ryan White with slightly more skill.
I'd be interested for the Habs to draft him, big fan all year.

Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
MacMillan is really struggling...started with 17 points in 21 games and then went 1 point the last 10.

Kristo with 2 more points. Hopefully he can get some games in hamilton after the season, he's really made big strides.
He's being move all over the lineup as they struggle to find secondary scoring and a LW for the Kristo-Knight duo. The coaching staff still doesn't have an answer since they continue to shuffle the lineup. But I find MacMillan is playing well enough, just needs better linemates as he makes some sick passes and uses his speed well. His biggest problem is he has little lower body strength so he gets pushed around easily. Love the way he competes though and has a good skill set and a hard worker.

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Should be fun seeing both Dietz and Thrower play in Hamilton next year..I'm assuming Bennett will stay in the NCAA one last year.
Hard to guess what Bennett will want to do, but if he wants he can turn pro as he has the option to become a UFA in July if he wants. I think he's ready to turn pro, although he is under-sized he is very smart and has great mobility.

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I think Bennett will graduate and Thower will stay WHL another year. Tinordi NHL.
I hope they give Tinordi more time in the AHL but I fully expect him to see time in the NHL next year, I just rather it not be a full season. Bennett I could see turning pro, I don't see Thrower in the dub again at all although it would make things easier unless a trade is made, as I really don't want to see the Dogs D made up of all rookies and 2nd year players next season. I watch Thrower and while his decisions in the defensive zone concern me, I'd much rather see him learn in the AHL then spend a 5th year in the WHL playing against 16-20 year olds.

Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan View Post
Yes, especially since he'd spend the first half of the WHL season as a 19 year old with his late December birth date. So he'd about as young as you can be for an overager. It's also quite possible he would be moved to a WHL contender since Saskatoon should be in rebuilding mode next season.

To me, it's just logic. He would play 25+ minutes a game in the WHL next year. In Hamilton, he may be a frequent healthy scratch or have a 3rd pairing role. Or he could be in the ECHL, which is always a bit of a dicey proposition.
I'd still be surprised if the Habs were to have him play a 5th season in the dub, don't see the point as I prefer our prospects play against older players then younger. He's already playing a lot of ice time now so I don't see the upside of repeating that again as I'm sure he got a lot of ice time last year as well. After 4 full seasons in the dub, i'd much rather see a guy move on the pro level.

Although I do have big concerns over what management will do with Hamilton's defense next year since they clearly have a problem with too many rookies/2nd year players for next season so I don't know what the solution but will be interesting to see how management handles. The good thing is that there is no rush to sign or make a decision on Thrower so they could wait and see how he does at camp before chosing what's the best path for him.

Then again when I see him play he seems to make good plays in the offensive zone each time so to me he looks ready to turn pro.

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