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02-23-2013, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
It is pretty short-sighted to call this trade a win or a loss for either side at this point. The trade is not even half of a shortened season old. JvR is off to a hot start. But that's it. I'm sure you probably would not have agreed that JvR was a bust after his first season in the NHL (or even his first three) because that was too soon to make that call, so why call a trade of two high ceiling prospects after less than twenty games a winner or loser?
I wouldn't have agreed JvR was a bust after his first three seasons because he'd actually done some pretty impressive things and shown consistent progress aside from injuries. Not because three years isn't long enough, but because he had actually done some things in that three years.

As for the deal, I called it a poor trade before Schenn ever set foot in Philadelphia. And I can do that because the two guys traded were not unknown quantities. We've seen three seasons of each. I also disagree regarding Schenn's ceiling. If he fulfills his potential, he could be a sloth slow version of Braydon Coburn.

I don't dislike Luke Schenn either. He's playing his game as well as he can here and he's not a bad player. I understand he doesn't pick who he's traded for. I've said all I have to say about it at this point, I'm gonna let it go so as not to continuously harp on the negative.

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