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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
And yet in the early 90's (90/91-93/94) when the League was never more packed with talent (from ALL Nations) jammed into much fewer teams than today...
All an already past his prime, with a major back issues after '91 Gretzky did was win 2 Art Ross (lost the other 2 to some guy named Lemieux) scoring 479 points in just 278 games (led all scorers during those 4 years).

Please, do us all a favour and take this tired old argument back to the proper thread where you still haven't even made your case there yet.

A prime Gretzky destroys the League in ANY Era. The only thing that changes is the actual raw amount he does it by.
I provided actual numbers of position players only, feel free to provide some numbers to back up your claim.

90-91 for instance has 3 guys from the US and one from Sweden in the top 20 in scoring, 11, 14,17 and 19th.

then there is the whole goal tending situation as well.

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