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02-23-2013, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Kellyr View Post
Maybe you should take his job since you clearly know better than him!

I know itīs hard to see through the fan glasses but the fact is Granlund still is like a bambi on the ice and easily made useless by physical play. You canīt pin that on anyone else, he hasnīt played well enough to be on the second line. Obviously he even canīīt do the fourth line job and that wouldnīt be beneficial for his development.
I agree Granlund has not played as well as he can so far this year. But even by your logis, if he can't handle the physical game yet, what the hell good does it do to stick him on the bloody fourth line. He played well on the wing, when he was given a chance. Haven't seen him tried out there again.

Let's not forget he's a damned rookie, and the issues he's currently having, wait for it, WERE EXPECTED. None of this is a surprise. I don't have a freakin clue why he's being treated like a bad puppy for peeing on the rug, when any reasonable person should have seen this coming, given his size and what he was used to.

The only thing I am surprised by is how fast he does seem to be adapting. He had an off game last game, who cares.

This treatment of him is absurd. If he can't cut it here, send him to Houston and let him grow. This 4th line/ healthy scracth bs, is ridiculous. Decisions like this really do make me question Yeo, and no I am not blindly just giving him the benefit of the doubt anymore.

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