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07-15-2006, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by crazyshea View Post
No bono does it to make $$$. He always gets involved in some current event that coincides with album launches and concert tours. He uses philanthropy to sell millions of records and tells the world how to spend theyre tax dollars even tho he dont pay his own taxes. Politicians use him to increase theyre own popularity and to gain votes from the youth. Bonos charity DATA also provides no money to africa. Thats a great charity. Bono will kiss the *** of any political leader that will let him speak in the spotlight. Also seeing how Bono is rich how much money does he donate?? Becuase i certainly dont remember him taking money from his own wallet and donating it like most stars do. Bono is a modern day mother theresa thats for sure.
A quick search found this:

-50000 Euros
- $1000000 personally + $5000000 from the rest of the group and manager

Of course, he also donates a hell of a lot of time trying to convince governments (who have the power to change things) to give more aid to undeveloped nations.

That doesn't mean we should look up to him, but we shouldn't crap all over him without knowing what we're talking about, right?

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