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Originally Posted by aresknights View Post
Wow for someone who usually makes sense I'm having a hard time following this. Where were we touting those 2? Reread his post and ill help out if your having trouble-nothing spectacular is what he said- They are good OHLers and probably top 5 Fs on your squad. Which you cut up more than any knights troll or better yet all trolls combined.
Don't know Simon and definitely didn't put him up to anything. I often am in disagreement with his posts. Again if ya paid attention instead of getting allKnights fan are trolls and if you converse with them you got no balls, blah blah blah" you'd get that lol
You can rake the Spits over n over but if someone else does they are trolls? And no ones been as negative as you.
For myself I fell I'm usually pretty fair and non troll like unless providing examples to counter someone else's point. Unlike yourself who seems the need to name call and IMO try to stir sh&t up. Whatever.
As I write I'm not sure why I'm even Bothering......
I don't think Anderson is a top 5 forward on a healthy Spitfire team. I would take Aleardi, Khokhlachev, Vail(he shouldn't be playing D), Ho-Sang, Giftopolous all ahead of Anderson. I don't even think Anderson is much better than Ben Johnson.

We will see how good Anderson and Tierney are when the lights shine brightest in the playoffs. They didn't have to do anything last year because Knight, Namestnikov, Watson, McKegg, Griffith around to do the heavy lifting. Can Broadhurst produce in the playoffs can Tierney and Anderson do anything?

I am critical of my own team because I want them to do well. I don't visit the Erie board talking about how bad Bassin is and how bad the Otters are. I guess you fail to see how it is different when a rival talks about how bad the team is you root for. Would have loved to have this board around when the Knights won 3 hockey games I doubt many people would be crowing about them.

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