Thread: Post-Game Talk: Whats a "Special Teams" Jets lose 5-3
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02-23-2013, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Tom ServoMST3K View Post
we kill those penalties it is a non-story, if this team can figure out there special teams LOOK OUT
I hear you but my point is that if you killed those penalties the refs would have just called more. You can't possibly kill them all. I'm beginning to question the NHL's credibility at this point. The script is becoming as obvious as the WWF. They seem to do whatever it takes to help get the team that is down back into the game and it shouldn't be like that. I didn't watch this game through Jets colored glasses, granted I hate the Flyers so I wasn't exactly impartial either. I do see this trend with the refs in many other games too though.

The Flyers have a knack for capitalizing on plays that never should have been though and that just seems magnify their non-calls or poor calls. Things like the Flyer slash that snaps one of your players sticks while in the offensive zone goes uncalled and while that player is trying to get off the ice the officials call too many man on the ice. Yes it was a mistake by the Jets but one that shouldn't have occurred because the slash should have been called in the first place.

Sorry. I'm not trying to hijack you guys's thread. When I complain about these things when my team loses it just looks like sour grapes or excuses so I like when I can bich and moan when it appears to be somewhat objective. I'll go away now that I've gotten it off my chest.

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