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02-23-2013, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
GWG is one of the most stupid stats ever seen. If you score a goal to put your team up 4-0 and the other team scores 3 afterwards, is it still a game winning goal?

Consistency isn't something you measure over a season. It's something you measure over a career.

The bottom line of my statement remains: Anyone who thinks that intermittent effort is something worthy of praise, in my opinion, just doesn't get it.

Gaborik is not the biggest problem but he is an overpaid slug, to me. If you don't want to play every shift, tell the coach and take a seat.
Not sure if im missing something here but yes, yes it is. Its a pretty good statistical measure of clutch goalscoring. How else would you measure being clutch?

Hmm, okay, then lets take a gander at his Ranger career, shall we?

236 GP, 112 G, 109 A, 221 P, +39

.936 PPG, .474 GPG.

Overpaid, you were saying?

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