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02-23-2013, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by iAvs View Post
Waaaaaait a minute. So it's OK to give Q a free pass (excuse) but not Sacco?

Q handled our goalie situation horribly, and killed their confidence. In fact, he drove me crazier than Sacco ever has. Q got a stacked team in Chicago and they won the Cup. Put Sacco in that same position and he probably has a cup ring right now too.

Sacco has yet to have a team anywhere close to that. So, I'm willing to wait and see what he does when we have a better roster for him.
No kidding. This place lacks all sort of sense most of times.

Sacco should put a contending team up every single year even though his GM gives him garbage to use and their boss is happy spending the LEAST amount of money as possible.

Ya, getting a new coach will change everything. Some people have NO clue.

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