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02-23-2013, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by RayzorIsDull View Post
Well I am not surprised. You're the first one to jump on Windsor fans for being bandwagon fans and not a true fan because they won't go but you won't say a peep when Simon, Ares or Phyler crap on the team you cheer for. You have no problem sniping at your own but will never stand up for a team when guys like that come here to talk crap. Grow some OHLTG.
Hahaha, here's the thing...I KNOW Phyler, personally. He's a buddy of mine. His talking trash is the same as when I rip on the Knights. We could talk trash all day, then go out and have a beer because, well, we're buddies. Nothing is personal. I don't know Simon and Ares (at least I don't believe so), so I wouldn't necessarily have a beer with them. I know it's hard to believe, but not all trash talk is intended to be personal and taken seriously. It's part of the sport. If it upsets you that I can trash talk with London fans, then go out and have a beer and wings with them after the game, that's your issue, not ours. I've known some of these guys (I can name 6-8 of them) for years. Welcome to the nature of hockey...people trash talk, then socialize after. I'm guessing you've never heard of guys who beat the snot out of each other on the ice, then grab a beer after the game?

It was cooked all the way...heck most on the Noof I recall said Fowler will end up in Windsor..
From all I heard during the draft day, it was a surprised that Fowler was able to come to Windsor.

But oh man did they make a big mistake with Kass & Ellis and that same move looks to be repeated this year.
I think that if Ellis wanted to stay here, he earned that right. Kass I'm 50/50 on. This year, it struck me as a situation where the team was damned either way. If they go for it, in 8th spot, they could be screwed (like they are), but if they sell off, they alienate fans after telling them this was going to be a great year. They're screwed there, too. What's the best solution? Go for it and deal with whatever happens later.

As for Koko - it sounded like one of those situations where he could have dealt Koko, but that'd have set a massive domino situation into effect. He'd have had to rebuild, no questions about it. Easier to keep him and try then to deal him and deal with the fans on his case. Frankly, I was alright either way.

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