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02-23-2013, 03:54 PM
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You'd take Gift and I'd take Anderson. No biggie. ESP moving forward as he's already on NHL radar being drafted and all. Ive see. Anderson live at least 60-70 games and on tv a bunch more. Good sample size, I think. Hes got areas to work on but gets better every month hes on the ice. Not bad for a FA-Good eye Mark

Youve been over to the knights board at times and have given ur 2 cents.
Pot meet kettle?
So by u ripping your own team on a message board ull help them to do well- not following ur logic, I get the need to vent and be honest and or critical but how does it help win?
As far the 3'win, season. Ya they werent good at all. But at the time they werent the most hated franchise In The O as it was pre Hunter. So im not sure how much venom woulda been spewed. They deserved to be criticized. Sorry you missed the opportunity

As far as vsiting other boards, whatever. I usually act respectfully unless challenging something put out by HL, urself or someone else. If i have gone there to troll, and its pointed out id apologize, as its not my intent. I am first and formost a hockey fan! Knights after that. I don't come to your board to stir up **** or be negative. Often Ive wanted to agree with your posts thru this year but didnt as I didn t want it to come across as Spits bashing.

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