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02-23-2013, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Ugene Malkin View Post
I'm still hoping for, ROR. He's probably our best alternative, and moving forward with Malkin back.

People thinking one/two weeks and Malkin is back are crazy.

RRP, I doubt the hit on Hossa was anywhere near the magnitude Geno's was against the boards. 3 days, just no.

I'm going with a solid month, and that's just to get him healthy, then there's getting back into game shape, another two weeks. At that point you're looking at 2 weeks give or take in the season.

Best case scenario.
The question still comes down to "is ROR a good fit when Geno comes back?" If Shero thinks so, then by all means this makes him even more attractive for us. But don't trade for him simply to fill in now if we don't have a good reason to believe he can work as a wing later. This team needs a wing. If that wing is able to move to center when needed, awesome. But we do NOT need someone that only plays center. This injury doesn't change that.

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