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Originally Posted by aresknights View Post
I know ur picking trying to make arguments so let me help you out

Selling out matters. $ matters and 9000 people is more than the other bids have. Simple math and it does matter plus I think could charge as much or more than the others and still sell out easy with over 6000 season tic holders.
Tourney success. Regardless of the factors involved they ran a great tourney and all reviews I've seen have it top 3 all time. Crosby or no, they'd a sold it out. Crosby was actually one of the disappointments fans had. Not the on Ice, but off ice stuff. Isolated,
Seperate van in instead of team bus, not many autographs like others ect....
Knights didn't make a big deal, correct. I SAID he show. He's willing to.
And 2009 u mentioned, well he did pull the trigger, as well as host year. 2009 there were health with issues with Cann after deadline so when genius was he supposed to add a G. He'll do a trade if he finds value and feels it'll help. Adding a 2nd rd NHL PICK ( ya the and only Rychel couldn't convince to come to Windsor) and a top for D for nothing aint bad. Is it wrong to have confidence in your squad?

Biggest choke ever? Haha. You saying other teams have closed the gap but yet call them chokers lol. If they don't win , they were t good enough and Mark may have regrets. I wouldn't consider it chili g thou, the other teams a thallus try as well.
Maybe the biggest choke job is Windsor having 2014 on their radar for 3'yrs and are still in no position to host. That's choke, choke, chime by Rychel. 3 yrs and their not even close to an on ice host team.
Thankfully politics or blackmail may get them the host gig lol
You're making the point others have made with 9000 fans if it's all about big market teams then nobody else will want to bid in the future.

I think Hunter only goes for it when he thinks he has a terrific shot at winning it all. I think Hunter got spooked this year with Kitchener, Owen Sound and Plymouth all being active. It's easy to rationalize not being active and pointing to Stolarz and Mermis but there's something to be said for have a good mix with goaltending. I don't think London knows who their #1 is going into the playoffs. It might be Stolarz but some of that has to do with Patterson stinking it up the last 6 weeks. It's ok to have confidence but I wouldn't be having a lot of confidence or puffing out my chest when the team has been average for 6+ weeks. It's awesome you got Stolarz he wasn't going to go to a bad Windsor team. Stolarz is strictly a mercenary and jumped on board with a very good team. It doesn't take a lot of courage to go to a very good team.

You can talk choke job but what Rychel is doing can't be characterized as that. They want to make a bid I don't agree with it but I am not going to beat the guy up for it, he has taken enough of those the past year. Politics is everywhere you go and blackmail? If blackmailing means making a greater guarantee than other teams I guess you would be right but when the whole event is geared towards making a big guarantee then every team is guilty of it even the Knights in 05.

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